Welcome to my site for the nth time, I keep remaking the layout and it just gets worse and worse. I may be getting experience out of it but it is probably not any good experience. Hope you enjoy my site that I put together with sticks and tape and a dream. Currently a work in progress because I need to see if it works on Neocities and not just in my live preview.

Sorry for the insane load times. I have a ton of random things on here.

Check out my friends while you're here...

zoetroupe, dead-end, 231, appletea, trigunmaximum

Still not sure what to put on here but that's okay. I might try to shrink things to fit more stuff without it having to scroll vertically on my screen. Hid the status box I just put because it was taking up space. Any changes I make you'll just have to figure out on your own, I like the idea of logging things but I always forget to actually do it.

All pages are still empty as usual, but I've set up a shrine for Limbus Company, it's not quite finished yet but you can go check it out. Desktop viewing recommended, I haven't got it quite mobile friendly yet. I'll get there eventually.

I should figure out where to put this but until then it's here: